Close Protection

To mitigate the increasingly complex security concerns which International Executives face, we provide a bespoke and comprehensive service to resolve every possible threat.

All our Close Protection Officers are former members of UK Armed Forces, are licensed, and meet Security Industry Authority (SIA) criteria. They can be deployed individually or as part of a team. Their expertise includes, but is not limited to, travel management, logistical planning, crisis management, emergency coordination and imperatively discretion.

Private Security

We provide a full range of services for private clients, including protection for families, properties and assets. We customise our security solutions to suit each client, ensuring that each client’s requirements are specifically met. Our teams consist of highly experienced Close Protection Officers who provide a discreet, seamless service.

Family Security

We understand that high net worth individuals are compelled to consider protection for their families, either on a day to day basis or during travel itineraries.

Female Family Security Officers are available and provide a particularly valuable component within this discipline.

Residential, Estate and Office Security

Our Residential Security Teams consist of qualified Close Protection Officers with extensive experience in private security work. All staff are personable, discreet and highly professional, and each residential security plan is tailored to meet individual requirements.

We provide:

  • Provision of discreet security officers
  • Comprehensive residential security surveys
  • Gap analysis of existing residential security systems
  • Security system procurement
  • Home, hotel and office protection packages

Static and Mobile Security

We recognise the challenges of providing a secure working environment. We use a variety of positions, including Shift Supervisor and Entry Control Point (ECP) Guards. Our qualified, trained and experienced mobile security teams enable our clients to move safely and securely in high-risk, uncertain environments. Our vehicles and teams are configured to meet the client’s requirements, within the context of the operating environment. We provide our clients with ground study and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and ‘first line’ medical support in the event of an incident.

VIP Chaperone

VIP Chaperones offer the same security services as Close Protection Officers, but with additional management skills. They are experienced in managing daily itineraries, last-minute changes for the client, briefing staff, bespoke travel requests and day-to-day finances. This allows our clients to enjoy a relaxing vacation or a successful business trip

Gap Year Security

A gap year is an exciting opportunity for young people to broaden their horizons, experience new cultures and learn new skills. We offer practical assistance in itinerary planning, ensuring the traveller has necessary security systems in place for the year ahead. We also make sure their guardians are confident and reassured. Our support doesn’t have to end when travels commence. We can provide remote tracking or fully-vetted personal chaperones. Our services include the reactive recovery in extreme situations or medical emergencies. We tailor our gap year security plans to suit each client on an individual basis.

Asset Protection

Armforce International security specialists are highly skilled in Asset Protection for the safe, secure and timely transportation of high-value items. We conduct Threat and Risk Assessments prior to any operation to ensure that each step of the way your assets and personal valuables remain secure at all times.

Our teams use covert and overt protection tactics, techniques and procedure to ensure that potential threats are identified and reacted to with swift, effective action